Mostly Swanage

April 25th to May 16th 2024 It’s been a while… where did we get to last time? Ah yes, Class 52 “Western”, the New Measurement Train, engineering trains, Swanage and such like. I think this post may be a case of deja vu as many of these topics appear once again. But first, we had… Continue reading Mostly Swanage

Victorian Weekend

March 23rd 2024 to March 31st 2024 As promised last time, in this blog entry, we are going to share our photos and videos from our visit to Swanage Railway’s “Victorian Weekend” event which saw the resident Adams T3 No. 563 in service along with SECR Class O1 No. 65 visiting from the Bluebell Railway.… Continue reading Victorian Weekend

Yoshi’s Déjà vu

July 20th 2023 to July 25th 2023 This last few days have been rather quiet on our patch. However, there was a replay of last Tuesday / Wednesday when another South Western Railway (SWR) Class 458/4 electric multiple unit was moved from Widnes Transport Technology Centre, run by Alstom, down to Bournemouth Traction & Rolling… Continue reading Yoshi’s Déjà vu

Yoshi Goes To The West Somerset Railway

This week we had the first Class 69’s to Dorchester and the second ever Class 40 to visit Weymouth, the first occasion being Forty years ago. So that’s quite appropriate!  Setting the alarm for stupid o’clock on Friday morning I was in Dorchester in good time to see GBRf Class 69 No.’s 69004 and 69003… Continue reading Yoshi Goes To The West Somerset Railway

Winter Warmer

Thursday 4th January to Tuesday 10th January 2023 With no trains running in Dorset until Sunday 8th January, it was down to the Swanage Railway to provide railway based entertainment, which they did admirably with their Winter Warm Up event over the weekend of 7th / 8th January 2023. The timetable involved four locomotives running… Continue reading Winter Warmer

Kent and back

On Saturday, Yoshi’s mum was off to London for the weekend to meet up with a friend who had travelled down on the Caledonian sleeper – of which, I was extremely jealous! Travelling on a sleeper train has long been an item on my bucket list. As there are no sleeper services from sleepy Dorset… Continue reading Kent and back

Barrow Hill 150+2

Wednesday 24th August to Tuesday 30th August 2022 In contrast to last week, Yoshi and I have been kept reasonably busy over the last seven days. New Measurement Train Yoshi’s North Dorset Correspondent sent us video and photos of the New Measurement Train which passed through Dorset on the Salisbury to Exeter line on Thursday… Continue reading Barrow Hill 150+2

Northward Bound

Tuesday 12th July to Tuesday 19th July Fleetwood Yoshi and I spent much of last week in the North West of England as we made The North Euston Hotel in Fleetwood our base. The hotel was commissioned by Sir Peter Hesketh Fleetwood, designed in the Greek classical style by architect Decimus Burton and built between… Continue reading Northward Bound