Yoshi Goes To The Mid-Hants

July 12th 2023 to July 19th 2023 I have a not so long list of locomotives or trains which I would like to photograph. This is distinct from my train spotting days when I wanted to see everything! This past week has been a good one in my efforts at ticking off a few items… Continue reading Yoshi Goes To The Mid-Hants

Mid Hants Steam Gala

Wednesday October 5th to Tuesday October 11th Hello! On Saturday 8th October, Yoshi and I found ourselves enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of the Mid Hants Railway, or The Watercress Line if you prefer, who were holding their Autumn Steam Gala. I hadn’t intended on staying long (honest!) but the weather was so good… Continue reading Mid Hants Steam Gala

A 50/50 Week

Class 50’s In Focus The main focus of The Railway Dog blog was always intended to be the Bournemouth to Weymouth line and any diesel or steam hauled workings over the route. Occasionally we venture to the extremes of Dorset and even over the county boundaries if time allows. Last Saturday afternoon ( 18th June… Continue reading A 50/50 Week

Somerset & Dorset ( in Hampshire )

A Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway themed feel about this weeks blog. It’s like we plan these things instead of throwing everything together at the last minute. Which of course we’d never do. Our week in review kicked off last Wednesday, March 2nd 2022, when I noted that the daily booked turn for Class 455… Continue reading Somerset & Dorset ( in Hampshire )