This Week At Yoshi HQ

This last week or so Yoshi has been making new friends and catching up with old ones – he’s a very sociable pup and seems to win over almost everyone with his lovable, if somewhat excitable, demeanour. Even those who don’t much care for dogs, if you can believe such tortured souls exist, often fall… Continue reading This Week At Yoshi HQ

Stewarts Lane 1988

On a recent rail trip to London I was reminded of a visit to Stewarts Lane depot, a large train servicing facility near Battersea which our train passed on the way into Waterloo Station. The depot is situated amongst a maze of railway lines and when much younger it was a marker on the journey… Continue reading Stewarts Lane 1988

Birthdays and Things

This week saw Yoshi celebrate his third birthday. That’s 28 in the human years equivalent. Although Yoshi has calmed down a great deal in the last twelve months, he’s still very much a puppy in his attitude and outlook, and with a few minor exceptions, we wouldn’t want it any other way. They say the… Continue reading Birthdays and Things

Forest of Dean Visit

Over the New Year we were lucky enough to spend a few days in the beautiful Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. On our journey to our hotel we made a slight diversion via Gloucester as COLAS liveried Class 56 No. 56078 had worked 0Z51 Bescot Up Engineers Sidings to Gloucester on 29th December and was… Continue reading Forest of Dean Visit

50th Anniversary of the last British Rail train to Swanage

To mark the 50th anniversary of the last scheduled British Rail passenger train from Wareham to Swanage on 1st January 1972 the Swanage Railway held a three day event utilising a heritage diesel-multiple unit (DMU) running between Norden and Swanage. A Class 117 DMU built in 1960 operated five return trains a day on Saturday… Continue reading 50th Anniversary of the last British Rail train to Swanage