Belles & Whistles

Class 47 No. 47593 ‘Galloway Princess’ approaching Campbell Road Bridge, Eastleigh working Saphos Trains 1Z60 0635 Poole to Kingswear “English Riviera Express” – 02/07/2022
Wednesday 29th June - Tuesday 5th July 2022

Saturday Sightings

Three rail tours were scheduled to pass through Dorset territory on Saturday July 2nd 2022. One had seemingly been cancelled a few days prior to its intended departure before reappearing on the schedules, much to Yoshi’s relief. Originally advertised as being steam hauled and later switched to a Class 57 diesel, “The Northern Belle Special: Tribute To The Bournemouth Belle” actually ran with a Class 47 at one end and a Class 57 at the other. Its journey from London Victoria to Bournemouth and return to London Euston via Slough briefly touched the route “The Bournemouth Belle” would have traversed back in the day. The empty coaching stock from this service ran to Norden on the Swanage Railway for servicing.

Class 57 No. 57314 approaching Creech Bottom on The Swanage Railway with The Northern Belle empty coaching stock 5Z68 1256 Bournemouth to Norden – 02/07/2022
Class 57 No. 57314 at Creech Bottom on The Swanage Railway with The Northern Belle empty coaching stock 5Z68 1256 Bournemouth to Norden – 02/07/2022
Class 57 No. 57314 parked up behind a pair of skips at Norden on The Swanage Railway awaiting servicing of The Northern Belle coaching stock – 02/07/2022
Class 47 No. 47804 passes the former Furzebrook LPG site working 5Z69 1640 Norden to Bournemouth Northern Belle ECS – 02/07/2022

Saphos Trains Class 47 top and tailed “English Riviera Express” ran from Poole to Kingswear. BR Standard No. 70000 ‘Britannia’ took over the train from Norton Fitzwarren near Taunton, the diesel locomotives taking back control at the same point on the return leg back to Poole.

Class 47 No. 47810 (D1924) ‘Crewe Diesel Depot’ passes Bournemouth with the Empty Coaching Stock movement 5Z62 0444 Eastleigh Arlington to Poole to form Saphos Trains excursion to Kingswear and return – 02/07/2022

Railway Touring Company organised “The Atlantic Coast Express” took Southern Railway rebuilt Merchant Navy 4-6-2 No. 35028 ‘Clan Line’ from London Waterloo to Exeter St. Davids which traversed the Waterloo – Exeter line on its outward journey. One day I’ll tick off that box of recording a steam hauled train departing from Waterloo, but this week I was content with catching a glimpse of ‘Clan Line’ passing underneath Battledown Flyover at Worting Junction and nearing Sherborne.

SR rebuilt Merchant Navy 4-6-2 No. 35028 ‘Clan Line’ passes nearby Sherborne Old Castle with “The Atlantic Coast Express” 1Z82 0752 London Waterloo to Exeter St. Davids – 02/07/022

We have put together a compilation video of our Saturday below:

Yoshi was so excited to see and hear ‘Clan Line’ whistling as she passed Worting Junction he jumped up against the fence my camera was balanced on top of to see her pass for himself which is why there’s a slight wobble in the footage! I wish I’d have had the presence of mind to film him! We had a really enjoyable day out, despite the early start at Bournemouth and we met some friendly folk on our travels. I really didn’t imagine back in the late 1970’s that I’d be so pleased to see three Class 47’s on one day!

Freightliner Class 66 No. 66529 working 43Z2 0047 Trafford Park F.L.T. to Southampton M.C.T. through Eastleigh – 02/07/2022
Direct Rail Services Class 37 No. 37069 which has been authorised for new wheelsets stands at Eastleigh Works – 02/07/2022
Class 701 No. 701022 departing Eastleigh depot with 5Q50 0653 Eastleigh TRSMD to Eastleigh TRSMD – 02/07/2022

Class 701

Class 701 No. 701022 snaking its way into Eastleigh with 5Q50 0653 Eastleigh TRSMD to Eastleigh TRSMD – 02/07/2022

Trials with new Class 701 Electric Multiple Units continue. This week we filmed No. 701022 out and about over a few days which we’ve edited together in the video below:

Hamworthy Branch Update

Network Rail team examining the track work at Lake Road Bridge – image by kind permission of Kev Scott Trains

Network Rail were seen examining Lake Road Bridge on the Hamworthy Branch on the morning of Tuesday 5th July. Hopefully work will start soon clearing the site and replacing the existing structure which is rusted and, as was pointed out to me, has as at least one hole in the metal fabric. The replacement frog for the pointwork ready to reconnect the branch to the main line was deposited on the ballast at Hamworthy a few weeks ago.

Lake Road Bridge on the Hamworthy Branch – July 2022
Lake Road bridge has sustained a number of hits from road vehicles as can be seen by the damaged brickwork in this view – July 2022

Great British Railways

This week “Snake-oil salesman” and Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps announced the shortlist of the most suitable locations for the national headquarters of Great British Railways (GBR), the planned state-owned public body that will oversee the majority of rail transport in Great Britain from 2023.

The closest local authorities to Yoshi HQ which threw their hats in the ring were Southampton and Eastleigh. However, these were both unsuccessful. The shortlist has been confirmed as:

  • Birmingham
  • Crewe
  • Derby
  • Doncaster
  • Newcastle upon Tyne
  • York

We would have visited each of these locations for a cup of tea and a bun, but they’re all too far away from Dorset so instead we’ll share the link where you can vote for your preferred location from the shortlist. The results will be used to measure the level of support for each place and will be considered as part of the final decision making. It’s almost like democracy at work.

Northern Belle: July 2019

A five month old Yoshi examines Class 57 No. 57601 ‘Windsor Castle’ at the buffer stops in Weymouth having worked The Northern Belle into the town for the Seafood Festival – 14/07/2022

In pre-Covid times The Northern Belle visited Weymouth with two special trains bringing passengers in to the seaside town for the annual Seafood Festival. Saturday 13th July saw Class 57 No. 57316 with Pullman Liveried classmate No. 57601 ‘Windsor Castle’ attached to the rear with the rail tour having originated form Cardiff. The following day saw the locomotives swap positions with No. 57601 heading into Weymouth with a tour having originated from Coventry.

Yoshi and Class 57 No. 57316 at Weymouth – 13/07/2019

This week, Yoshi’s blog was written to the sounds of Freya Ridings, A Dog’s Purpose (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ) and Bear’s Den. Thanks to everyone who helped and provided information for this weeks therailwaydog blog. We’ll be back here in seven days for another update – we hope you’ll be able to join again us then. May your dog go with you.

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